About Me

Who am I? I am an outdoor enthusiast, a social butterfly, lifelong tomboy and a proud new mom.

Ever since I can remember I have loved being around kids and babies. I grew up as the babysitter next door who always wanted to come over and play with the little ones. I guess I was always young at heart. Until university I wanted to be a paediatrician so I could spend my days helping sick kids get better. Plans changed and I went into teaching. I have taught at both the elementary and high school level and have loved the opportunity to work with some amazing kids over my years of teaching.

I have always looked at the world as if through a lens. I love playing with perspective and angles and capturing a scene in a new and exciting way. I love the art behind a creative photograph.

The announcements are newer to me. I started out just making them for friends who found themselves limited by online sites that lack the human designer input and adjustments. I soon got hooked and now spend countless sleepless nights up creating new designs.

Being able to combine my love of children, photography and creativity is so exciting for me and I would be thrilled to help you tell the story of your ever growing and changing family.